About the Designer

I am a metalsmith & loves setting natural stone with copper, sterling silver & brass.  I also work with other types of materials to create a variety of styles. My inspiration comes from nature. The shapes I observe and the colors I see around me is what inspires each piece. As in nature nothing is identical, so you will find in my pieces. Each one unique and different from the next. 

My Studiopiece in progreeLeather Cuffs after productionCompleted Copper RIng

I love to travel and pick up stones from all over the world, from Thailand to France. At each place I look at the culture for inspiration.

I love learning new techniques. You will notice this in my pieces. I am always enrolled in some class to improve my skills and techniques. 

I have been designing jewelry since 2012. I am a student at New York Institute of Art and Design studying color theory, photography & jeweler design. I am also a member of Metal Arts Guild of Georgia.

Your Designer,

DeniseDenise Rogers