Fall 2022 Jewelry Trends

Fall 2022 Jewelry Trends

Fashion is ever evolving and so should your accessories. As you don your warmer clothing, don't be content to simply continue wearing your summer jewels. They too need to evolve.
Fall 2022 brings hues of warmth and complexity. This fall season look out for pearls, hoops, chain-links and colorful statement drop earrings.
Pantones Fall/Winter 2022 color trends are Lava Falls Red, Samoan Sun, Orange Tiger, Rose Violet, Amazon Green, Rich Caramel Cafe Brown and other beautiful hues.

The Fall 2022 Jewel Box by Rachise Designs was inspired by these trends both in color and style. We have weaved 1 color trend throughout the whole collection. This color will be paired with the beauty of Rose Gold and the warmth of Copper. The chosen hue will compliment any skin tone and help keep that sun-kissed look well into the fall season.
The Fall 2022 Jewel Box will take your breath away. Sign up for this box on our website.

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I love your designs and colors for your beautiful pieces!
shirley green

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