Winter 2022 Jewel Box Inspiration

Winter 2022 Jewel Box Inspiration

Winter is a reminder of the end of a year, an end of warm days and cool evening. It always makes me think of family. With so much time off from school and work, my family would travel to grandma's house. Playing in the snow with my many cousins as laughter filled the cool air. We played on sleds, had snowball fights and if the snow was a bit frozen, we could make a fort. One year we even got our picture in the local paper with the awesome fort we built (my description, not theirs). 

When I started 'adulting' I missed those youthful days. I lived in New York City, so winter was very different. Well, we still had snow, but you definitely would want to play in it. So, getting with friends and sharing a bottle of our favorite wine became our new winter routine. We enjoyed the warmth of friendship as we sat around a cozy fireplace. What the Danish call 'Hygge' (pronounce Hooga). If you want to learn more about the art of cozy togetherness, I love the book "The Little Book Of Hygge" by Meik Wiking. I have totally embraced the Danish way to live well.

The Winter Seasonal Jewel Box represents all the emotions and embodiment of winter. The cool white snow and the warmth of friends and family coming together around a beautiful fire. Flannel pajamas, spiced wine and hot cocoa are all the textures of a beautiful winter evening.

The earrings are my abstract representation of a beautiful snowflake. The necklace and bracelet will bring to mind the cozy warmth of friends and family embracing the short time we have together during the days off from work and school. The black and white hues will remind you of formal yearend parties. They pair well with gold, red, or silver tones. Each can be worn as formal wear or casually with jeans and T-shirt.

I hope this collection will bring back your own winter nostalgia of being with the people you love.

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